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Solidaire Service SARL

Solidaire Service SARL :

Solidaire Service SARL When you enter DIAR Argan, a perfume paradise welcomes you in perfect harmony with warm smiles of our advisors who are willing to satisfy you and bring you all the information required on the range of our products.

Leader in its field, The House of Arganier or "Diar Argan" is one of the leading companies specialized in manufacturing, packaging and export of Argan oil.

Thanks to the enthusiasm, innovation and vision of its founding director Miss Latifa BOUKDOUR named vice president of group of producers Argan Morocco, creative massage Berber and is among the few people who have promoted this oil called "liquid gold" whose virtues are well known.

The reputation of the House Arganier become today DIAR Arg turned in record time recognized, approved and recommended for anyone seeking well-being and the secret virtues and medicinal oil Argan.

Certainly, the appointment of the company has changed, but the quality of services and products remains the same.

  • Address : 101, Imm Iguenouane, Bd Med V, 1er étage – Agadir
  • Phone : +212 528 828 486
  • Fax : +212 528 828 486
  • Website :

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